DaDesktop - Cracking Toast Gromit!

DaDesktop, a NobleProg Company

1. DaDesktop - Cracking Toast Gromit! The thing about clay is that it’s hard to work with and it dries too quickly. On a recent visit to an art gallery in Bath I learned about the life and work of adopted Bathonian William Harbutt. He was, as you may know, the famous inventor of plasticine. Having been a headmaster at a Bath school and latterly running a school of art in the city, he dreamed of a better material for modelling than clay. Chemical tinkering and a few explosions in his kitchen at home lead to the creation of plasticine. Initially only produced in grey, it wasn’t long before plasticine was available to be moulded and remoulded in every colour of the rainbow… The thing about cloud services is that they are comparatively slow and expensive. When I joined NobleProg I learned of our own remote desktop virtual machine environment called DaDesktop or “DD”’. You probably won’t have heard of it unless you have been on one of NobleProg’s expert training courses, all of which are usually delivered via DD for training (DD4T). DD was developed because what is out there just didn't do what we needed it to. So we built a platform where a remote desktop can be created in seconds, where there are no extra download requirements because it is web based and where there are no maintenance costs. Just as William Harbutt in the late 1800s would have extolled the virtues of his plasticine over the hard to work with clay, we are confident in the advantages of DD4T. It takes less than a minute to prepare machines for 100 participants which is more than 100 times faster than the alternatives available, and with 50GB of storage each. It gives us the ability to combine our online training room with all the users' virtual desktops, which means more efficient, more cohesive, more consistent and more engaging training across the whole user group. The trainer’s machine can be cloned in seconds by any course participant, and if a company wants the same training delivered multiple times then the trainer can save the exact same desktop for future use. Through nested virtualisation users can create VirtualBox, VMware or other Virtual Machines within their desktop. We have now deployed DD4T for hundreds of clients across the globe with great success. Imagine the possibilities when machines can be cloned this quickly, combined with the management functions for instant feedback from each participant:
2.      Universities - DD4T can facilitate the delivery of highly technical material and teaching to a lecture hall full of engaged students all operating on identical machines; CPD - rather than lifeless online tuition, DD can offer a vibrant, engaging course accessed via a webpage to create a desktop with course materials, sample questions and assessment all available; No pre-course software download because the desktop has been created for you by the trainer; Multiple machines can be created for the same delegate so that a number of courses (with different teaching materials customised to the needs of the course and the methods of the trainer) can be available at the same time; No need for screen sharing, no delegate being left behind, no inconsistency across the cohort. The courses run more efficiently, the delegates are more confident and the only focus is the learning. Around 100 years after the creation of plasticine, Aardman Animations was established down the road from Bath in Bristol. This is the company that has given us Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep. If William Harbutt had not thought that he could improve clay for modelling, then we would never have had the Wrong Trousers or Farmageddon! What will flow from the creation of DaDesktop and all the possibilities and potential it possesses? We invite you to make contact with NobleProg and see what DD can do to help your business. The next stage is DD for work or DD4W. We believe there is huge potential for DD to be utilised beyond the training environment, but presenting the full rainbow of DD will have to await a further article. Benjamin Jenkins NobleProg Director DaDesktop™ is provided by NobleProg® Tech Limited based in Hong Kong. DaDesktop R&D and production centre is based in Zhuhai, China. NobleProg Technologies is the research and development arm of NobleProg International Limited. NobleProg (UK) Ltd and NobleProg (NL) BV are training and consultancy companies within the NobleProg Group operating in the advanced technology space, predominantly in A.I., Big Data, Cyber Security and more. Our Mission:
3. Our commitment to the power of knowledge drives us to remain at the forefront of innovation. We work with organisations on a global and local scale across all industries, helping them embrace new technologies and embed innovation to achieve sustainable benefits. Our training offering is a primary focus of our business model, with an emphasis on Digital Transformation and enablement. We work dynamically with our partners to deliver tailored training and facilitate an understanding of the art of the possible, empowering people to embrace new methods and technologies to achieve tangible results. Our consultants provide practical advice, helping our customers develop innovative Digital strategies with an emphasis on return on investment and business value. Our consultants have experience of designing, leading and supporting change initiatives, from proof of concept to large scale programmes and advisory services.
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