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1. aikemy AI + chemistry
2. Imagine if − − quality and safety issues with your products throughout the manufacturing steams and supply chain were impossible by design and, at the same time, you could save time and cost Solutions Oil Pharmaceuticals Food & Beverage Agriculture Powders & Raw Materials Cosmetics Solids Liquids
3. Revolutionary Ultra-affordable Pocket Lab Pocket lab for ~100 USD* 4 cm Our technology incorporates Near-Infrared Spectral (NIRS) Sensor that enables you to check the composition, ensure quality and recognize adulterated/falsified products/materials. Technical Features: − Flexible integration into manufacturing streams/supply chain − Non-destructive, real-time analytics 2 cm − AI in place and connectivity to a cloud available − Wavelength ranges: 1350-2150 nm − Mobile & Wireless * Benchmark Traditional NIRS for Labs ~30K-100K USD
4. End-to-end Platform for Real-time Decision Making Extremely Easy to Use 4 cm Real-time Decision Making Centralized Management System
5. Published Case Study: Falsified Viagra (Pfizer) Successfully Detected* − Pharma industry is loosing $431 billion revenue a year due to falsified medicinal products.** PCA for Sildenafil-based medicines falsified Kamagra − 78 measurements of different tablets sourced in EU (online and in pharmacies) using pocket lab. Findings: authentic Viagra − All products classified correctly according their manufacturing source. falsified Viagra − Falsified Viagra and Kamagra show wide-spread in quality. generic Eriacta * Sroka, Phar. Reg. Affairs, Volume 9:1, 2020 ** WHO: Garrett L. Ensuring the Safety and Integrity of the World’s Drug, Vaccine, and Medicines Supply.
6. Eliminate Falsified Medicines Throughout Your Global Supply Chain Benefits Inspect Global Supply Chain Convenient QC by anyone and everywhere Low-cost accessory to mobile phones that can be used throughout your global supply chain Cost- and Timesavings Wide-reaching, real-time screening prevents problems and reduces effort of in-lab analysis . Learn on outliers: numbers types, locations, trends etc. using AI and cloud computing HQ Support in Strategic Decisions Centralized information on numbers, types, locations and trends supports you in identifying and prioritizing quality issues
7. Great to meet you! Agata Sroka Founder & CEO aikemy GmbH Seebacherstrasse22 8052 Zurich M +41 765702250 E
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