Create and manage breakout rooms

DD training room: Create and manage breakout rooms

1. Create and manage breakout rooms DD-Room provides Breakout rooms as an additional means of student engagement; use breakout rooms to encourage small group discussion, collaboration, and cooperation amongst students. Trainer(Moderator) have the ability to create and manage student breakout rooms To Create Breakout Rooms When creating the breakout rooms, only participants who have successfully joined the room session can be assigned to a breakout room. 1. Moderators can create breakout rooms via the users list Cog Wheel 2. There are several ways the breakout rooms can be configured to achieve multiple discussion formats and sizes:
2. Number of rooms [1]: by default, the minimum number of rooms is set at 2. Select from the drop down to  change the number of breakout rooms; up to 8 maximum. Allow users to choose a breakout room to join [2]: when selected, this will enable viewers to select from a  dropdown list of available breakout rooms when prompted (see below). Duration (minutes) [3]: all rooms will close once this duration time is met; users will be brought back into the  main meeting room. Randomly assign [4]: when selected, the BigBlueButton interface will randomly assign the viewers based on  the number of rooms selected and the number of users to best achieve an even distribution in each room. Not assigned [5]: all users who have not been assigned to a breakout room will appear under this  section. You can drag&drop them to breakout rooms. Created Rooms [6]: breakout rooms created, list users which assigned.  3. Once the breakout rooms have been configured, select Create to launch. 4. Participants will receive a prompt to join the respective room they have been assigned to; To Manage Breakout Rooms
3. When breakout rooms are created and participants have successfully joined, trainer can manage and join the rooms from the main room(meeting) through the Breakout Room Control panel. The trainer's Breakout Room Control panel will appear under messages above the users list . Select to expand and view. The breakout room control panel will list all active breakout rooms, Number and Names of Attendees in Each Room [1], as well as additional settings and trainer capabilities:  Join room [2]: when selected, this enables you to join the breakout room directly; As the trainer you can open as many of the breakout rooms as you like via the join function. All additional breakout rooms tabs will appear at the top of the browser window.
4. Duration time [3]: displays the remaining duration time of the breakout rooms. End all breakout rooms [4]: when selected, closes all breakout rooms before the duration time; all users will be kicked from their assigned breakout room and brought back to the parent room.   Important Notes and Recommendations 1. 2. 3. All participants enter the breakout rooms with moderator status. Breakout rooms that are ended can't go in anymore. If the room (meeting) was created before the deployment of the breakout room feature, It’s no appropriate property setting, the “create breakout rooms” button cannot be seen. Trainer should end the meeting, and then reconnect to create a new meeting to enable the breakout room feature.
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