What is DaDesktop?

What is DaDesktop?
Why instructor-led training?
DaDesktop as a teaching and learning platform for instructor-led training

1. Cloud Desktops for Humans! What is DaDesktop? DaDesktop (DD for short) is a remote desktop environment designed for instructors and students who wish to carry out interac�ve, hands-on training from distant physical loca�ons. It aims to mimic and improve on the experience of live, instructor-led training, especially IT training in corporate, ins�tu�onal and educa�onal se�ngs. By providing each student their own machine (remote desktop) to carry out exercises and by enabling the instructor to ac�vely monitor and guide each student, DaDesktop fosters a highly interac�ve, coaching-oriented style of teaching and learning never before possible outside of a physical classroom. Why instructor-led training? Some learning works best in the presence of a live instructor, guiding students through interac�ve lessons and exercises while engaging in lively discussion and Q&A. Examples of topics that are difficult to learn in the absence of a live instructor include: new technologies that change faster than the learning materials available online; custom courses adapted to the needs of a par�cular audience; hand-picked sec�ons of a learning curriculum that address a narrow area of focus. DaDesktop as a teaching and learning pla�orm for instructor-led training DaDesktop removes the barriers to live, instructor-led training by allowing the teaching and learning to happen remotely. The benefits of live class interac�on, minus the cost and inconvenience of travel, training room reserva�ons, event coordina�on, etc., are now a reality with DaDesktop! To quickly and easily set up remote desktops for your course, check out www.dadesktop.com!
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