DD Training Room: FAQ for Trainer

DD Room FAQ for Trainer

1. DD Training Room: FAQ for trainer Q1. When I join training room, all participants desktops are displayed by default. How can I switch to display my desktop only, so that I can have a larger desktop for easy demonstration and operation?
2. Q2. I would like to use other tools to communicate with students. Can I disable the Jitsi audio conference in DD room?  You can disable audio by click this togglebutton, then everyone will automatically disconnec from embed jitsi. Q3. How can I share my computer screen with participants?  You can enable “Chat only” mode by clicking this toggle button.
3.  In ”Chat only” mode, only Jitsi (plussome additional functions) will be displayed in the middle of everyone's screen. There is a sharescreen button at the bottom left of the Jitsi gui.  If you disable “Chat only”, you can switch back to show desktops. Q4. Can I delete this meeting room for whatever reason?  You can click "End meeting". All the data in this room will be cleared.  When you click "Join Training Room" from dd4t next time, you will be connected to a new empty room.
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